Customized landscapes combine multiple resources, including data visualization tools, original research, and more to illuminate critical issues in philanthropy so you can see you where you stand.

  • Scan the landscape
  • Stay informed
  • Discover new ideas
  • Connect with broader networks
Featured Landscape

Funding The Ocean

A knowledge hub to track, inform, and inspire ocean conservation philanthropy.

The site connects the ocean community and provides centralized access to the data, resources, and tools needed to drive ocean conservation philanthropy worldwide.

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Equal Footing




Get Overviews of Individual Issues On an Ongoing Basis

Foundation Landscapes are issue-based web portals, developed by Foundation Center in partnership with funders and philanthropy networks, that donors use to stay informed, keep up with new ideas, and connect to broader networks. Donors also scan the landscape to reveal opportunities, needs, and gaps and see how their past, current, and future efforts fit into the broader field.

Foundation Landscapes combine funding information, data visualization tools, research, news, stories, and social media around critical issues in philanthropy. These Foundation Center web portals, developed, make the results of scanning easily accessible and are structured to be updated over time.

Always available online, Foundation Landscapes are built to be updated and to make it easy for donors to scan, share, and maintain the information systematically.


Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services are data-driven tools and content-rich platforms developed by Foundation Center for funders and their networks, consultants, advisors, and grantees.

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