Foundation Center at a Glance

Powered by advanced search technology, the new site mines multiple databases and web properties in order to retrieve the most relevant and up-to-date results — a new entry point to Foundation Center's vast stores of knowledge from and about the global social sector. This guide will help you get started.

Foundation Center at a Glance

This slim blue menu available at the top of every page of the website provides an overview of the organization's essential web properties, products, locations, and other useful information.


Search interface

Our new enterprise-level search quickly generates results from across more than 15 of Foundation Center's websites and databases. In addition, it provides one-click access to common search queries like, "I want to start a nonprofit" and” I want to find information about funding trends.” The search engine also now understands the intent of a user's query and reveals additional, relevant content that can be filtered by high-level categories or refined by subject, population group, source, or geography.

Gain Knowledge

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We apply our experience to the vast quantity of data we gather to address fundamental questions: Who is funding what and where? How can we know what other funders know? How can we make the most of what we're learning?

What you will find in Gain Knowledge:

Our Knowledge Services team works with partners on custom projects to transform our information, analysis, and technology into solutions for the social sector.

Foundation Landscapes — Customized landscapes combine multiple resources, including data visualization tools, original research, and more to illuminate critical issues in philanthropy so you can see you where you stand.

Foundation Maps — Our maps platform and products are new, innovative tools that draw from the most comprehensive database of U.S. and global foundations and their grants to show you who is funding what and where.

Foundation Research — We create research on the field of philanthropy and partner with organizations worldwide to produce custom statistics, reports, baseline studies, and more. Find our most recent reports and more.

Foundation Data — We gather and share the most comprehensive, reliable information about the social sector and make it available for free to 97% of the people we work with. Learn about our data and how to share yours.

Foundation Ideas — IssueLab and GrantCraft gather, index, and share the collective intelligence of the social sector. They deliver knowledge that funders need to be effective in their work, across various strategies and issue areas. 

Foundation Transparency — Through our transparency initiative Glasspockets, we encourage foundation to make information freely available to improve the practice of philanthropy and add to the credibility of the field.

Foundation Benchmarkers — Donors and the whole field need a common way to evaluate performance and success. Through CF Insights, community foundations can analyze their operating models, gauge their performance, and plan for the future.

Find Funding

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Access the most accurate, up-to-date sources of information about grantmakers and their grants.

What you will discover in Find Funding:

Foundation Directory Online — Learn about how the most comprehensive, up-to-date database of philanthropic giving can help you find the funders aligned with your mission and most likely to fund your organization.

FDO Quick Start — FDO Quick Start is a quick and easy-to-use tool for looking up key information on all U.S. foundations — more than 100,000 in total. Start searching right away and get the widget to share on your own website.

990 Finder — Search our database of nearly 3 million of the most recent Forms 990 and 990PF from U.S. nonprofits and foundations. Search for free and get the widget to share on your own website.

Foundation Stats — The most comprehensive resource available for generating tables and charts on the size, scope, and giving priorities of the U.S. foundation community.

You will also find lists of recent Requests for Proposals and Top Funders in the US, based on the most recent year of complete data in Foundation Stats. And get the funder perspective with articles from Philanthropy News Digest and GrantCraft.


Improve Your Skills

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Build capacity with resources and training that incorporate the best practices of organizations around the world.

What you will learn in Improve Your Skills:

We break our skills development into the three core competencies and provide training and online resources at GrantSpace and GrantCraft.

Fundraising — Learn fundraising from experts with deep knowledge of foundations’ perspectives and close relationships with the funders themselves.

Organizational Sustainability — As a longstanding nonprofit, Foundation Center has the institutional knowledge to show you how to scale and maintain an organization.

Leadership and Management  — Your organization’s success depends on the growth of the individuals working for it — including you. Learn how to maximize your human resources.

Learn about Foundation Center Training, including upcoming training programs and our approach to the training programs we offer in person, online, and through custom training tailored for your organization or association.

Ask Us

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Get answers to questions about foundations, fundraising, and more, with individual attention from a Foundation Center expert, either in person at our regional hubs and network partners or by live chat, e-mail, or phone.

In Ask Us, you will find all the ways to engage with us:

Email — Send us your questions anytime, day or night. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Chat — Chat online in real time with a Foundation Center expert during business hours.

Questions — We've put the answers to hundreds of questions at your fingertips.

Find Us — We provides free funding information through more than 450 Funding Information Network Locations — find one near you.

And learn about our regional hubs and about the social sector in each region:

Northeast — New York (headquarters)

South — Atlanta

Midwest — Cleveland

West — San Francisco

Northeast — Washington, DC


About Us

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Learn about the strategies and people that drive our work to strengthen the social sector.

Get to know Foundation Center in About Us:

Our work is guided by six strategic priorities. We outline them here with examples of our work aligned with the goals they represent.

Mission, Vision, Values — Established in 1956, Foundation Center is the leading source of information about philanthropy worldwide.

Learn about the skills and expertise our Board of Trustees and Staff Leaders contribute to all we provide the social sector

Work at Foundation Center — We make a difference in a different way:  by empowering the entire social sector to work smarter.  Learn how to join us and make an impact your way.

Funding Foundation Center — Understand the scope of supporting us in our work. When donors fund Foundation Center, they empower the millions of people who look to us for guidance. 

Press Room — The latest news about new tools, research, and other developments.

Locations — We provides free funding information through five regional hubs and more than 450 Funding Information Network locations  across the U.S. and the world.