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Nikki Ortolani
(212) 807-2492

Foundation Center Publishes New 2003 Edition Guide to U.S. Foundations: Their Trustees, Officers, and Donors

·Current Facts on 65,000 U.S. Grantmaking Foundations

·Master List of Foundation Decision-Makers

New York, NY, April 25, 2003: This month, the Foundation Center will publish a new edition of the Guide to U.S. Foundations, Their Trustees, Officers, and Donors—the only print source providing facts on the full spectrum of independent, corporate, and community foundations in the U.S. The new 2003 edition of the Guide to U.S. Foundations provides grantseekers and other researchers with current information on 65,000 private grantmaking organizations—including over 9,800 foundations that are new to this edition. Comprising three-volumes, including and index of foundation leadership, the Guide covers 45,000 more funders than any other fundraising research directory in print.

Grantmaker Entries Deliver Essential Facts

Volumes 1 and 2 of the Guide contain more than 65,000 grantmaker portraits filled with key facts that will help fundraisers identify appropriate funding prospects. Grantmaker entries include foundation addresses, telephone numbers, and contact names to facilitate direct access to potential funders. Because entries list current assets and grant amounts, fundraisers can quickly determine the giving potential of any foundation. Many entries also include geographic limitation statements, which show fundraisers whether their organization fits a funder's geographic criteria. A series of cross-reference codes indicates if another Foundation Center reference book includes additional information on a grantmaker. The editor of the Guide, Jeffrey Falkenstein, comments, "The Guide is the perfect first step for fundraising research. With instant access to essential foundation facts, fundraisers can quickly and easily follow up giving leads."

Master List of Foundation Trustees, Officers, and Donors

The new 2003 edition of the Guide to U.S. Foundations provides researchers with a comprehensive index to foundation decision-makers; volume 3 lists all the people who establish, manage, and oversee the 65,000 grantmakers covered. Trustee, officer, and donor names also appear in the grantmaker entries that comprise volumes 1 and 2. Fundraisers, who always rely on knowing who's who in the foundation world, realize how important it is to have access to the names of the people who govern the foundations on their prospect list. The comprehensive name index makes it far easier for nonprofit executives to establish connections between individuals interested in their organization—donors, volunteers, and others—and grantmaking foundations.

Flexible Resource Facilitates a Range of Fundraising Strategies

The Guide is a powerful reference source that fundraisers can adapt to a wide variety of research strategies. With access to the Guide, development professionals, fundraising consultants, and nonprofit executives will be able to:

  • Discover the philanthropic connections of their donors, board members, volunteers, and other individuals interested in their organization
  • Learn about the foundation affiliations of wealthy individuals in their community
  • Target local grantmakers not listed in other sources
  • Identify the source of small gifts they have received
  • Determine any grantmaker's address, contact person, and asset and grant levels
  • Find out where to get even more data on the foundations they're researching.

Foundation officers and staff, government officials, and other researchers will find that the new 2003 edition of the Guide to U.S. Foundations, Their Trustees, Officers, and Donors offers a trustworthy source of current information on every grantmaking foundation in the U.S. and on the individuals who govern their activities.

Ordering Information

Orders for the new 2003 edition of the Guide to U.S. Foundations, Their Trustees, Officers, and Donors may be charged with VISA, MasterCard, or American Express by calling our toll-free number, 1-800-424-9836; by faxing your request (with return address and credit card number) to 212-807-3691; by placing an order at our Web site:; or by mailing orders to the Foundation Center, Dept. NN8, 79 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10003-3076. Prepayment of $295 is required. Please add $5.50 shipping and handling for the first copy ordered, and $2.50 for each additional copy. Make checks payable to the Foundation Center in U.S. dollars only.

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