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Topical Resource Lists for Grantmakers

Mission Statements: A Topical Resource List

The following resources are designed to provide grantmakers with information on how to craft mission statements for their organizations.

Beggs, Sarah (ed.), Erica C. Johnson, and Jack Thomas (ed.). The New Foundation Guidebook: Building a Strong Foundation. Bethesda, MD: Association of Small Foundations. 2003.
Experts and representatives from various philanthropies provide advice on starting a foundation. Topics covered include vision and mission statements, board members, tax and legal issues, financial management, grantmaking, and grantmaker associations. Articles have previously appeared in newsletters and other publications by the Association of Small Foundations.

"Creating a Mission For Your Foundation: Setting a Course Meaningful To You." Association of Small Foundations, vol. 9 (Summer 2005): p. 1-4.

Finney, Christopher. "Mission Haiku: the Poetry of Mission Statements." Nonprofit Quarterly, vol. 15 (Summer 2008): p. 54-5.
Advice on creating a mission statement by applying the craftsmanship of poetry. The author compares a mission statement to a haiku in that both must reduce a complex vision into a few carefully chosen words.

Peckham, Virginia. Grantmaking with a Purpose: Mission and Guidelines. Washington, DC: National Center for Family Philanthropy, 2000.
Provides instructions for how to create and evaluate a mission statement and guidelines and includes several examples drawn from family foundations.
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