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Topical Resource Lists for Grantmakers

Sample Grants Agreements: A Topical Resource List

Sample grant agreements, detailing the terms and conditions of a grant award, can be useful to foundation staff in developing their own agreements. Find examples in the resources listed below:

Edie, John A. and Jane C. Nober. Beyond Our Borders: A Guide to Making Grants Outside the U.S. 3rd ed. Washington, DC: Council on Foundations, 2002.
Details the technical and legal requirements for private and community foundations, corporate grantmakers, and public charities for making grants outside the U.S. An appendix includes sample materials, foreign equivalency determination forms, discussion of treaties with Canada, Mexico and Israel, Internal Revenue Service rulings governing friends organizations, suggested grant agreements for public charity grantors, guidance on expenditure responsibility, and more detailed discussions of technical points.

Foundations for Civic Impact: Advocacy and Civic Engagement Toolkit for Private Foundations. Washington, DC: Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest, 2010.
This toolkit is designed for private foundations that want to educate and encourage their grantees about getting involved in civic and policy activities to increase organizational capacity and impact. Includes sample grantmaking guidelines and grant agreement letters.
Available online
Community Foundations toolkit available online

Gast, Elaine C. Communicating With Grantees: Building Effective Relationships Throughout the Grantmaking Process. Washington, DC: Association of Small Foundations, 2006. (Primer Series).
The brief guide explains how grantmakers can make expectations and communications clear with grantseekers and grantees. Appendices include sample documents: grant guidelines and application, acknowledgement and declination postcards, site visit report, grant agreement, and report form.

Investing in Change : A Funder's Guide to Supporting Advocacy. Washington, DC: Alliance for Justice, 2004.
This book answers questions such as "Can a foundation fund a charity that lobbies?" and "How can a foundation evaluate the advocacy activity of grantees?" and explains the regulations that apply to both private and public foundations. Includes a sample grant agreement.

Sample Agreements Available Online

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