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Nothing strengthens credibility, increases public trust, or improves relationships like fostering an environment of transparency. That's why we created our Glasspockets web portal — so you can assess and improve on your level of transparency. Specifically:

  • Use our "Who Has Glass Pockets?" checklist: It's an effective way to benchmark transparency and accountability practices, compare policies with those of your peers, and submit your profile for sharing online.
  • Keep up with our "Transparency Talk" blog: It's filled with insights and best practices from other foundations and experts in the field.
  • Link directly from our "Transparency Heat Map": See real-life examples of what foundations are sharing online.
  • Learn how your peers are using social networks and digital media to advance their work with Transparency 2.0.
  • Explore in-depth profiles and trends in our special section: "Eye on the Giving Pledge."
  • See the national and global reach of foundations who are sharing grantmaking data through the Reporting Commitment.


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