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Research Studies and Other Reports

Research Studies
Our funding trends reports provide the latest data available on every aspect of U.S. foundation philanthropy. Our team of research experts analyzes and interprets the data on foundations that we collect—providing a national data source unique for its scope, depth, and historical value.

Use FC Stats to find out the assets and giving of the nation's grantmaking foundations and how 1,000 of the largest foundations distribute their grant dollars.

Custom Database Searches
Our database contains information on U.S. private and community foundations plus corporate giving programs and on grants of $10,000 or more awarded by more than 1,000 of the largest foundations annually. We can perform database searches for grantmakers to assess philanthropic giving in a specific region or state, map funding patterns, or locate grantmakers active in a particular field.

PubHub: A Repository of Foundation-Sponsored Reports
PubHub provides annotated links to electronic versions of reports and issue briefs covering the full scope of philanthropic activity in the United States.

Best Practices for Grantmakers
Gain fresh perspectives, useful advice, and best practice know-how on ten core areas of foundation practice with Practice Matters: The Improving Philanthropy Project. This series of innovative papers and discussion guides are designed to help grantmakers improve their effectiveness. Published in cooperation with Patrizi Associates and the OMG Center for Collaborative Learning.






Foundation Giving Trends
documents the grantmaking patterns of more than 1,000 of the largest U.S. foundations in 2003 and tracks changes in funding trends since 1994.
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