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Electronic Reporting Program

What is Electronic Reporting?

As the art and science of grantmaking becomes more strategic and funders tackle increasingly complex social challenges, our ability to work effectively requires timely and accurate data.

Whether it's answering tough questions about our impact, exploring opportunities to collaborate or collectively responding to a specific issue, we must create the information infrastructure that allows us to understand our work in a wider context.

Foundation Center's Electronic Reporting Program Standard (eReporting) enables grantmakers around the world to quickly and easily share useful grants data with the field, via either the eGrant or hGrant Reporting formats.

Check to see if your grants management system provides an easy export of your grants data and which format they support.

Why Become an eReporter?

Your participation helps build an invaluable resource that benefits not only grantmakers, but the social sector as a whole. Working together, this network of knowledge:

  • Provides the richest, most detailed, descriptive, and accurate grants data available anywhere
  • Encourages grantmakers to be more open and transparent by making near real-time information about their grants more readily available
  • Gives funders control over what, when and how they communicate about their work
  • Shares details about a funder's most current grants to a wider audience through Foundation Center's various research reports, online resources, and licensed data sets
  • Fosters more strategic decision-making, based on data that's complete and current
  • Makes it easier for nonprofits to find grants information, while improving the quality of grant applications for foundations
  • Helps to identify gaps, natural collaborators and strategic investment points by centralizing the information at Foundation Center

See your grantmaking come to life with a complimentary version of Foundation Maps for submitting your grants data through our eReporting Program. The data set for this individual map will include your grants information on Foundation Center's new interactive mapping platform. Use your eReporter Map for internal purposes with your board and staff or choose to share in your annual report, presentations, or on your website.

eReporters are also recognized in Foundation Center's premier fundraising research tool, Foundation Directory Online, with a special icon identifying them as program participants.

How do I Become an eReporter?

Foundation Center offers two methods to quickly and easily share your grants data. Click one of the icons below to learn more about the eGrant and hGrant formats.


An easy-to-use export into Excel that can be emailed directly to Foundation Center


An html grant feed that Foundation Center collects automatically from your website

Thank you for doing your part to improve the quality and effectiveness of grantmaking through the strategic collection and sharing of data on philanthropy!

Questions? Please e-mail us for more details.

Thank you to our software partners who make it easy to share grants data:

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Get on the Map: Doing Good. Done Better.

"Get on the Map" is an exciting new data-sharing campaign dedicated to improving the quality, timeliness, and availability of rich information — for and about funders across the nation.

It is a partnership between the Forum for Regional Associations, Foundation Center and these participating Regionals:

Click here for more information.
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