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The eGrant Format

What Is eGrant Reporting?

The eGrant Reporting format offers a simple, user-friendly way for funders to electronically share their current grants data by generating an Excel export using the Center's standard template and e-mailing it to Foundation Center at

How Do I Use the eGrant Format to Submit Grants Data?

There are just two steps to submitting your grants data using the eGrant format.

  1. Export a complete list of your most recent grants in Excel.

  2. The chart below outlines all of the fields included in the eReporting standard and highlights those that are required and most preferred.

    For video instructions with supported platforms, click here.

    If you don't use one of the listed software systems, simply export a complete list of your most recently-awarded grants into our Excel template.

  3. E-mail your report to

Which Data Fields Do I Need to Provide?

The chart below outlines all of the fields included in the eReporting standard and highlights those that are required and most preferred.

Grant Details
•	Unique Transaction ID
•	Amount (paid/authorized)
•	Currency
•	Fiscal Year End

Recipient Details
•	Name
•	Address

Grant Details
•	Grant Description
•	Geographic Area Served
•	Grant Program Area
•	Grant Subject(s)/Activity(ies)
•	Grant Populations Served
•	Grant Support Strategy(ies)
•	Duration
•	Grant Start Date
•	Grant End Date

Grant Details
•	Transaction Type
•	Grant Title
•	Fund Name
•	Fund Type
•	Fund Sub-Type
•	Grant Outcome
•	Grant Outputs
•	Grant Shared With
•	Grant Made With

Recipient Details
•	EIN or Intl. Registry Number
•	Organization Type
•	Subject(s)/Activities(s)
•	Populations Served
•	Strategy(ies)
•	Fiscal Agent Name
•	Recipient’s 3rd Party ID-Description
•	3rd Party ID
•	Unit/Department/Chapter
•	Mission Statement
•	E-mail Address
•	Also Known As (AKA)
•	Doing Business As (DBA)
•	Formerly Known As (FKA)
•	Telephone
•	2nd Address
•	Additional Notes
•	Name to use  for Grants To Individuals

- Download and print instructions

Is There a Cost to Participate?

Not only is it FREE, as soon as we process your data, you can request a free map of your grantmaking activity in our highly interactive and searchable mapping tool, Foundation Maps. These complimentary maps benefit both internal and external stakeholders, and can be used by your staff, included in presentations to your board, or posted on your intranet or public website.

Foundation Center is working hard to ensure that the data used by so many practitioners and advocates in the field is as comprehensive and accurate as can be. eReporting helps make that possible!

Questions? Please e-mail us for more details.
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