About the Foundation

The Patricia D. & William B. Smullin Foundation was established in 1990 as a private family foundation in the State of Oregon by William B. Smullin.

The mission of the Foundation is to help educate the citizens of Northern California and Southern Oregon through gifts to higher education, health education, and the Episcopal Church.

Grant History

Total Grants 
through 2015:
Market Value of Assets 
as of 12/31/2015:

Officers & Directors
  • Laura A. Olson
    Executive Director
  • Carol Anne Smullin Brown
    Chair of the Board
  • Kevin Smullin Brown
  • Meredith A. Brown
    Vice President
  • Susan C. Dawson
  • Nikki C. Hatton

Chair of the Board Profile

Carol Anne Smullin Brown is a daughter of the donor and founder of the Smullin Foundation. She is a graduate of Stanford University. Until his death in 1995, she worked with her father in his broadcasting enterprises in Northern California and Southern Oregon. She became a Director of the Foundation in 1990, President in 1995, and Executive Director in 1999. She retired as Executive Director at the end of 2015.