Robert N. DeBenedictis grew up in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. He attended Drexel University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Magna Cum Laude) as well as his Masters Degree in Business Administration. His background is in accounting and finance, having been controller for the Stouffer Foods Corporation (Food Service Division), Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, Carter Berlind and Weill (the small Wall Street firm which acquired many larger companies to become Shearson American Express), and treasurer of Stemp and Company, a financial consulting firm.

At the age of thirty-five, Robert left the corporate world and built a small accounting practice. At this time he also began forming and helping to run small businesses of his own, along with other young entrepreneurs who became partners in each of his endeavors. Committed to the idea of giving opportunity and working with the people, Robert gave many entrepreneurs their start in business, giving them not only financial support, but also valuable guidance in their route to success. Listed below are some of the fields in which Robert ran businesses with his various partners, during the seventies, eighties and nineties:

- Women's Fashion Boutique - Internet Company
- Men's Fashion Boutique - Advertising Agency
- Real Estate Firm - Various Restaurants
- Fish market - Laundromats
- Parking Lot - Various Bars
- Bath Products Company - Modeling Agency
- Printing Company - Magazine Publishing
- Beauty Shops - Various Clubs
- Car Rental Agency - Soda Leasing Company
- Hair Products Company - Gay Health Clubs & Spas

Among the above businesses, of course, some were more successful than others. Some of the successful businesses which you may recognize are: The Townhouse (Bar), Townhouse Restaurant, Next Magazine, Shout Magazine, Film Center Café, Julie's Bar, Service Station (Salon and Spa), Regents (Bar & Restaurant), Lips (Drag Restaurant), Better Bodies Gym, Heaven (Bar Dance Club), Avacor Hair Products.

In the year 1997, Robert set up the RND Foundation, an idea which he had as a young man and which he, now in the autumn of his life, is bringing to fruition. Basically, he is now doing through the Foundation what he has been doing since he was a young man: namely, helping young worthy entrepreneurs get started in business, while at the same time using some of the proceeds of these businesses to help support the gay community and animal rights organizations.

Today Robert's biggest dilemma is not knowing if he is giving money to the right people. That's why his most important task today is to research gay organizations and animal rights organizations in order to direct funds to the proper charitable organizations and to make sure that they are put to the right use.

About Robert DeBenedictis

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