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Grant Procedure and Application
Kindle A Spark Education Foundation

Grant Application

At Kindle a Spark Education Foundation (KAS), we believe that through the power of education, lives can change. Each student has a unique potential — a spark — that can be kindled with the right combination of academic, financial, and community resources. Our under-served cities, suburbs, and rural areas hide young people with untapped talents and intelligence. These gifts lie dormant in the hands of schools that are burdened with too many students and too few resources. Our goal is to give such students the help they need to move from a world of poverty to one of opportunity. We hope that your school can partner with us in this endeavor. Please answer each of the following three questions, being as specific as possible.


1) What makes the academic program at your school unique? How do you help students achieve academic excellence? What are your school's greatest strengths? In what direction is your school headed? Describe any new initiatives or evolving programs.

2) The students who would attend your school through the KAS grant program will need more than simply a quality academic program in order to succeed. What challenges do you expect these students will face? What resources and strategies will you employ to help them meet these challenges?

3) Describe the student population at your school. How diverse is it in terms of race, ethnicity and socio-economic background? What is your admissions process? How many scholarship students do you currently have? How many would you like to add in the future? What would an observer say about the student culture at your school?

Responses can be sent by US mail to:

Sandra Bidwell
Managing Director, Kindle A Spark Education Foundation
87 Satterthwaite Avenue
Nutley, NJ 07110

or sent electronically as Microsoft Word attachments to: sandra.bidwell@att.net