The John P. Murphy Foundation


As a guide to interested parties, the following discussions of the general areas of interest of the Foundation may prove helpful. It is to be noted that the Trustees generally follow the pattern of giving established by John Murphy while he was alive. Grants are made for operations as well as capital, but never for endowments or scholarships.

Capital grants are made in all program areas but generally do not exceed 15% of the Foundation's total distributions.

EDUCATION — Of major interest is education, principally at the college level. Generally about 40% of total distributions is made in grants to education. While some grants are awarded for primary and secondary education, such grants are normally given to improve educational programs benefiting low income and minority students, most often in the Cleveland Public Schools.

ARTS AND CULTURE — Between 30% and 40% of total distributions are awarded to a wide variety of artistic and cultural institutions and organizations. The Foundation has adopted a Policy on Annual Funds that tends to curtail such support so that more support may be given to special programs of the arts and cultural institutions and organizations.

SOCIAL SERVICES — About 10% of total distributions is annually awarded to a variety of social service agencies and programs. Generally the amounts granted are comparatively small, but hopefully meaningful. With so many needs, grants are spread rather than concentrated.

COMMUNITY — Between 10% and 15% of total distributions is awarded to community activities, agencies and events. In considering requests that fall into this category, each program that the Foundation is being asked to support is carefully evaluated as to its impact on the total community.

HEALTH — Approximately 5% of total distributions is budgeted to assist health-related institutions and organizations such as hospitals, clinic and nursing homes. Support is both for capital and operations.

RELIGION — Generally about 1% of total distributions is awarded to this category. Rarely does the Foundation award a grant to a church and, if so, there is usually some connection with one of the other categories of grants.