Recent Grants

The following grants were made in 2015

The following grants were made in 2014

The following grants were made in 2013

  • Al Bustan: Seeds of Culture
    $5,000 for world music program
  • American University of Beirut
    $25,000 for general support
  • Arab American National Museum, Dearborn, MI
    $3,000 for New York's "Little Syria" exhibition
  • French Institute/Alliance Francaise
    $5,000 for World Nomads program
  • Front Line Defenders
    $10,000 for MENA Human Rights Defenders
  • Institute for Women and Art, Rutgers University
    $15,000 for Project on Art, Activism and Gender in Revolutionary Egypt
  • Iraqi Student Project
    $10,000 for student support
  • Jewish Voice for Peace
    $15,000 for media fund
  • Omid Foundation
    $25,000 for education and training for young women
  • Palestinian American Research Center
    $10,465 for educational trip to Palestine
  • San Diego Hospice Foundation
    $1,000 for general support


$200,000 for a mission-related
investment in the film Amreeka

Amreeka tells the story of a Palestinian single mother who brings her teenage son to live with her sister's family in a small town in Illinois–just as the U.S. invades Iraq. It is the story of her and her son's struggle to adapt in a sometimes hostile environment. And it is the story of her sister's family, who have lived in the States for years and display all the conflicts usual in first-generation stories. It is, in short, an immigrant story. Written and directed by Cherien Dabis, a Palestinian-Jordanian-American graduate of Columbia film school, the story is semi-autobiographical. But it is also universal, in showing the struggles that any immigrant faces when coming to a new land.

Through the Tides Foundation, the VJCT made a program-related investment in the movie because of its ability to show these Palestinian families in a human and humorous way.

It has achieved great success, competing in the 2009 Cannes (winning a Critics' Prize) and Sundance Film festivals, opening the New Directors/New Films series at the Museum of Modern Art/Lincoln Center, and garnering widespread favorable reviews. It is opening in theaters in many countries in Europe and the Middle East, as well as in the US in Autumn, 2009.


$40,000 for unrestricted support
Near East Foundation was founded in 1915 to help the victims of the Armenian Genocide, and continues to work in the Middle East up to the present. NEF pioneered the idea of technical assistance to individuals and institutions in these countries, and is still a leader in “helping people help themselves.” The VJCT continues the philanthropic support which Violet Jacobs and Linda Jacobs have provided for many years, believing that the work NEF does is inherently respectful of and supports the people and culture of the Middle East.


$10,000 for unrestricted support
The Guttmacher Institute is the premier research and policy organization on global women’s reproductive health.


$20,000 unrestricted support
Polytechnic Institute of New York University the former Brooklyn Poly, is the alma mater of Joseph J. Jacobs, Linda Jacobs’ father, who was one of Poly’s biggest donors. VJCT donates to Poly in memory of her father.


$10,000 for staff support
Alwan for the Arts is a New-York based institution which was founded to present and promote the arts of the Middle East, widely-defined. It presents poetry readings, film festivals, concerts, panel discussions, and book-signings, among many other events, from countries as far apart as Morocco and Afghanistan. It is a small organization with a mostly volunteer staff, yet is able to put on more than 200 events a year. VJCT provided funds to hire a part-time administrator to help Alwan build its institutional capacity.