Funding Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Harry Chapin Foundation (HCF). We have prepared the following information to assist you in preparing your application for funding.

What We Fund:

We will fund only programs that operate in the United States.

Please keep in mind that the HCF is a small private Foundation. While we would like to respond affirmatively to all qualified organizations requesting assistance, we must limit our grant making to the following four (4) areas:

Community Education Programs
Arts-In-Education Programs
Agricultural Programs
Environmental Programs

How Much and How Long:

We make grants covering a one- (1) year period. In some instances, grant renewals are considered but are never automatic. The applicant for a renewal grant must submit a new proposal each year, along with a report of the activities of the preceding year. Grants are never awarded for more than three consecutive years.

Grant sizes range from a few hundred dollars to our maximum of $10,000. Please make your application realistic. Do not inflate your request anticipating that you will get less than you requested. While we sometimes offer a smaller grant, it is also possible that we would turn you down if we were unable to meet your stated needs.

How to Apply:

An application should be made in a brief written proposal to the Executive Director, Ms. Leslie Ramme, at the HCF office. We are more concerned with substance than with form so you may follow any format you wish, but please insure that the following information is included:

History of your organization
Problem Statement - the problem you are attempting to address
Objectives - the goals of your program
Method - How you plan to reach your objective
Evaluation - How will you know how effectively you have addressed the problems
Future funding - If the work is ongoing, how will it be funded in the future
Tax Exempt Status - grants are made only to 5013 organization and no grants are made to individuals. A copy of this determination must be included with your application
Budget - a budget for the program requiring fund and if this is part of a larger organization then we will need the budget for the entire organization. If your organization revenues exceed $150,000 we will need a certified audit of the financial statements


Applicant's Responsibilities:

It must be understood at the time of the application that if you are awarded a grant, we will request a short report on how the grant money was used within six (6) months after the grant is awarded.

When to Apply:

The Foundation Board meets three times a year on an as needed basis. To insure a timely consideration of your proposal, the sooner the request is received; the better your chances are for meting the next Board review.

Please feel free to contact the Foundation office if you have any questions at all about the process.


Tel. No. (631) 423-7558
Fax: (631) 423-7596