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In 2013 we received 10 applications. Awards by our Grants Committee totaling $13,676 were as follows (principal investigator indicated in parentheses):

  1. University of Michigan-Dearborn (William Ian Clarkson) $2,899 for the purchase of a workstation and external disk drive to be used by Astronomy researchers to analyze data from a major multi-year photometric survey of the Southern Galactic Bulge.

  2. University of the Pacific (Hélène M.L.G. Flohic) $1,825 for the acquisition of two IDL licenses and a MacBook Pro to reduce and analyze observational data obtained in order to study the details of accretion physics onto supermassive black holes.

  3. Middle Tennessee State University (Charles A. Higgins) $3,100 for the purchase of one Linux workstation and one 12-terabyte storage disk to aide in the analysis of high resolution Jupiter radio emission data obtained with the Long Wavelength Array (LWA) radio telescope

  4. Wellesley College (Kim Katris McLeod) $2,132 for the purchase of a set of four Sloan Digital Sky Survey filters for the Sawyer 24” Telescope at Whitin Observatory

  5. French Camp Academy in partnership with Mississippi State University (Donna M. Pierce and Angelle Maria Tanner) $2,870 to conduct a comprehensive study using the Sangre Telescope

  6. Georgia Institute of Technology (James R. Sowell) $850 to upgrade an old Linux computer to a new Lenovo PC