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In 2012 we received 9 applications. Awards by our Grants Committee totaling $13,211 were as follows (principal investigator indicated in parentheses):

  1. Mississippi State University (Donna M. Pierce). $2,116 purchase an iMac computer with AppleCare protection plan and IDL software package with license to conduct a comprehensive study of the comae of comets that have been observed spectroscopically with an integral-field spectrograph.

  2. Pomona College (Alma C. Zook). $4,960 to purchase two custom MgF2 Wollaston prisms and collimating optics for each prism to upgrade the existing polarimeter, to increase the efficiency of the telescope and to allow the camera and filters to be used with the AO system under construction.

  3. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Steve Croft). $2,975 to purchase a Mac Pro 3.2 GHz quad-core computer with 16 GB of memory and a mini display port to dual-link DVI adapter to enable analysis of data from the VLA archive and other telescopes.

  4. University of North Dakota (Wayne Barkhouse). $3,160 purchase a set of CCD filters (UBVRI, H alpha, OIII, and SII), a carousel holder, and a CCD guiding camera for a 20-inch PlaneWave telescope to conduct important astronomical research in areas such as extrasolar planet detection and monitoring, supernovae observations, variable star measurements, and AGN variability studies.