Friends of Fondation de France has awarded grants to more than one hundred different organizations. Here is a small sample of our grantees’ success stories.

Fondation de la Deuxième Chance

The Fondation de la Deuxième Chance offers personal, technical and financial help to people between 18 and 60 years old who are coping with academic and professional difficulties in France. With assistance and determination, these individuals, many of whom have lived on the street, had alcohol or drug programs or suffered from depression, seize the opportunity for a "second chance."

The over $50,000 in funding given to Fondation de la Deuxième Chance has assisted three individuals in pursuing projects or engaging in additional education to move them closer to gainful employment, among other projects.

Fondation Jeannine Manuel

The Ecole Active Bilingue Jeannine Manuel in Paris fosters international understanding through bilingual (French/English) education for a multinational student community. To implement a new middle school science curriculum and improve arts education, this unique educational institution needed better science labs and art studios, as well as a theater.

The Friends of Fondation de France has supported the completion of the new Arts & Science Center at Jeannine Manuel. When fully complete, the Center will include six labs, two science auditoriums, two art studios, a theater and several administrative offices. Our almost $1.5 million in total funding also supported scholarships to students of Jeannine Manuel.

Festival d'Automne à Paris

Every year, the Festival d’Automne à Paris' annual arts festival features avant-garde and forward-looking artistic creations. Drawing large audiences, the festival presents orginal works not previously produced in France, commissions new works and features presentations from non-Western cultures.

Through grants of over $140,000 given to Festival d'Automne over several years, Friends of Fondation de France has supported exciting and innovative theater, dance and music productions, such as the dance, "Surface de Réparation," an opera, "Neither," and theater performances by the Big Art Group as part of a "Scène Américane" program.