For Grantseekers

  • How do I apply for a grant?
    Click here for detailed instructions.
  • Who decides whether my project will receive a grant?
    All grant applications submitted to Friends of Fondation de France are carefully examined by Fondation de France, which then recommends that funding be awarded to projects. Friends of Fondation de France makes the final decision on whether to authorize fundraising and to grant funding.
  • When does Friends of Fondation de France decide which projects it will fund?
    The Board of Directors meets quarterly to approve projects and grants. In cases where the funds are urgently needed, the Board may award funding between quarterly meetings.
  • If the Friends of Fondation de France approves our project, when will we receive the funding?
    After funds have been raised for a pre-approved project, your organization will receive funding. For approved projects, upon clearance of funds for contributions in amounts of greater than $20,000, grants will be distributed in 10 business days. For gifts in amounts of less than $20,000, grants will be distributed in no more than 90 days.
  • How much of a donation goes directly to my project?
    To cover the legal, fiscal and administrative obligations of Friends of Fondation de France, 5% is withheld from each contribution for gifts up to $300,000. No further withholding is applied to gifts greater than $300,000. Installment payments are treated as separate contributions.
  • What kind of reporting is required after my organization has received a grant?
    Friends of Fondation de France requests that organizations which receive funds supply a detailed report, including specific information on how funds were spent, within one year of the payment of funds.