For Donors

  • Is my donation to Friends of Fondation de France fully tax deductible?
    Yes. Friends of Fondation de France is a public charity recognized by the IRS in the United States. Contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by U.S. law, subject to any limitations that may apply. Please consult your own tax advisor as to your eligibility to claim particular deductions.
  • How can I be assured that my donation is going to a charity that will use it wisely?
    All projects supported by Friends of Fondation de France are carefully examined by the Fondation de France. We receive regular reports from the organizations we make grants to so we can ensure that these organizations are spending our funding wisely and in accordance for the projects for which they were intended.
  • How long does it take for my funds to be granted to the grantee?
    For approved projects, upon clearance of funds for gifts in amounts greater than $20,000, grants will be distributed in 10 business days. For gifts in amounts less than $20,000, grants will be distributed in no more than 90 days.
  • If I give a gift of stock, when will Friends of Fondation sell the stock?
    Friends of Fondation de France liquidates all donations of securities immediately upon receipt.
  • How do I specify the project for which my donation is intended?
    Whether you give online or by phone, mail or stock or wire transfer, you can designate for which project your donation is intended. Please click here for specific instructions.
  • Are there any additional fees when I give with a credit card?
    Your credit card company may withhold additional administrative fees, per the policies of your specific credit card.
  • What kind of acknowledgement will I receive after making a gift?
    Friends of Fondation de France sends a letter of acknowledgement to every donor that can be used for tax purposes.
  • I am writing a check. To whom do I make my donation payable?
    Make checks or money orders payable to “Friends of Fondation de France” and send them to:
    Friends of Fondation de France
    275 Madison Avenue, Suite 401
    New York, NY 10016

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