The Employment Program of
Fondation de France

In France, unemployment rates are high among youth, with roughly one out of five French youths affected. This has created both economic challenges and contributed to social unrest. Demonstrations have taken place in which unemployed youth have expressed their anger and frustration over being left without opportunities to enter the economic mainstream.

Over the years, FedEx has donated more than $500,000 to Friends of Fondation de France to assist French youth and other disenfranchised individuals to enter the workforce in France. FedEx worked with Fondation de France to identify and support organizations whose objectives are to help youth gain the skills they need to enter the workforce, assist youth in securing the transportation to travel to and from work, address the needs of ethnic minorities who are chronically unemployed and to offer other support, such as clothing and child care.

This relationship between FedEx and Friends of Fondation de France has enabled French organizations to create and strengthen services that help youth find good jobs. It has also allowed FedEx to foster healthy societies and economies in the areas where it operates. In its ongoing work with Fondation de France, FedEx has become a role model for other companies, demonstrating how corporations can be involved in developing creative, sustainable solutions to complex social problems. FedEx involvement has also raised greater awareness for the need for action on behalf of unemployed youth.