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Supporting Innovative Educational Opportunities to Achieve Academic Excellence!

Welcome to the Official Web Site of the Edward Fein Foundation. The Edward Fein Foundation envisions a culture within the United States that values the significance of academic achievement as greatly as it currently values athletic accomplishments of the human body. The foundation believes that the value of education should be embedded so inherently into every level of society that no person seeking higher education should be discouraged because of financial need. The foundation supports systems that encourage and reward the innovations and accomplishments of educators as well as students. The foundation also recognizes that every citizen should be aware of the tremendous value of encouraging the intellectually curious mind.

The Edward Fein Foundation promotes and supports innovative educational opportunities for those persons least likely to attain their highest academic potential without additional financial assistance, education or mentoring.

Former Wall Street financial analyst, Edward Fein organized the Edward Fein Foundation in 1965 as a privately funded trust in the state of New York.

Based in Glenbrook, Nevada, Beverly Hills, California and Scottsdale, Arizona, the foundation concentrates its resources on promoting innovative educational activities. While the foundation has no geographic limitations, the vast proportion of funds have been earmarked for projects in the tri-states of Nevada, California and Arizona. THE FOUNDATION DOES NOT ACCEPT UNSOLICITED PROPOSALS. The Edward Fein Foundation will only make grants to organizations that are exempt from federal tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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