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Applying for a GLASS Award

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Applying for a GLASS  Award


School plans submitted for consideration many include some or all of the following topics.

We invite the submission of supplemental information that will provide insight into and distinguish the leadership team and its plan.

Educational Philosophies, Vision, Mission and Approaches

  • Philosophical underpinnings for school mission, design and educational program.

  • Essential and unique program components and theories upon which they and their proposed application are based.

  • Curricular approaches and their relevance to achievement of the educational mission of the school for the benefit of the population to be served.

Information about School Leadership

  • Background information

  • Anticipated on-going role of team members in development and operation of school.

  • Leaders' personal motivation for applying for the GLASS Award.

  • Leaders' motivation for developing and implementing the proposed school plan.

  • Applicants' most significant positive personal learning experience, within or outside formal education.

  • Reference letters, indications of support for leaders or plan, awards and commendations.

School Culture and Environment

  • The roles and responsibilities of the members of the school community.

  • How the school will "feel to" or be perceived by students, instructional and non-instructional staff members, leaders, parents, casual visitors and others.

Community Connection

  • Identify and describe the community you plan to serve (geographic and/or targeted population) and why.

  • Statement of need and/or demand and description of existing opportunities for the population.

  • Pros and cons of plan presented from perspective of community members.

Design Nuts and Bolts

  • Proposed legal structure

  • Enrollment model, student demographics, staffing and reporting structure, calendar and schedules, and the rationales therefor.

Accountability Processes and Measures and Hallmarks of Success

  • How the school will define and measure the effectiveness and success of leadership, teachers, students and its programs, approaches and decisions.

How could establishing a relationship with ECF help you most?

  • How would a partnership with ECF help you? (See our Core Beliefs, Operating Principles and Strategies, or contact us to learn more about us.)

  • What skills and competencies would you like to add to your leadership team to round out or amplify its ability to make the planned school a success?

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