Simon P. Brown
University of Pittsburgh
History, Philosophy & History and Philosophy of Science
Andres A. Bustamante
Yale University
Political Science & History
Abby M. Carlozzo
Ohio State University
Cody R. Dales
Harvard University
Germanic Languages & Literature
Emma C. Eisenberg
Oberlin College
Sarah M. Estrela
Wheaton College
Art History & English
Daniel A. Graves
Rice University
Ancient Mediterranean
Civilizations & Classical Studies
Alexandria K. Hall
University of Vermont
English Literature &
Creative Writing
Lauren N. Henley
Washington University
History & African and
African American Studies
Zoe W. High
Barnard College
South Asian Studies
Stephanie R. Leitzel
University of Michigan
Bronte Mansfield
University of Wisconsin
Art History & English
Mary K. Naydan
Dickinson College
Sam D. O'Donnell
Williams College
Classics &
Comparative Literature
Nikolas Y. Oktaba
Fordham University
Classical Languages &
Classical Civilizations
Benjamin M. Randolph
Dartmouth College
Comparative Literature
Mary R. Stoner
Princeton University
Neel N. Thakkar
Stanford University
Conner S. VanderBeek
Northwestern University
Music Composition & Asian
Languages and Civilizations
Vienna M. Wagner
University of Notre Dame
English & Creative Writing