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Mission and Interests

The Agua Fund, established in November 2002, is a family foundation based in Washington, DC. The mission of the Fund is to improve the quality of life through support of work to protect the natural environment and to help the poor, disadvantaged, and underserved. The Fund advances its mission by making grants in these two areas. Wherever possible, the Fund makes grants for general support.

The Board meets as needed to make decisions.

The Fund considers invited proposals only.

The Fund's environmental grantmaking reflects an interest in freshwater issues in the US and in the connection between water, land, and food. The great majority of the Fund's environmental grants support local work to protect and restore watersheds in specific parts of the US. The places of greatest interest to the Board are the Shenandoah River watershed in Virginia and southwest Florida.

The Fund supports a range of strategies in its local environmental grantmaking. However, the emphasis is on building the capacity of the nonprofits that play a critical role in watershed protection. The Fund aims to strengthen the ability of such organizations to respond to and anticipate change, build local sources of support, mobilize the local constituency for resource protection, and devise solutions to persistent environmental problems.

The Fund's social service grantmaking on the local level focuses on Washington, DC, the Shenandoah Valley, and southwest Florida. Grantmaking in this category supports organizations that help homeless families and the vulnerable elderly.

Grants made at the Board's direction in 2005 concentrated on social services, disaster relief, and women's rights. These grants support work in the US and other countries.

In 2005 the Agua Fund made about half of its grants through community foundations, primarily the Community Foundation of Collier County in Florida.

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