Recipient New York Academy of Medicine
Location New York, NY
Zip Code 10029-5293
Recipient URL
Type of Recipient Libraries (medical); Health care, information services
Grantmaker The Rockefeller Foundation, NY
Geographic Focus National; international
Grant Amount $406,500
Year Authorized 2009
Description For project, in collaboration with African Center for Global Health and Social Transformation, to conduct needs assessment on how best to support Ministers of Health in strengthening their effectiveness in governance and leadership of public health and health systems programs, especially in low-income countries and to disseminate results at meeting to be held at Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center, Italy
Type(s) of Support Program development; Research
Subject(s) Developing countries; Economically disadvantaged; Global programs; Health care, information services; Health care, public policy; Health care, reform; International development; Italy; Libraries (medical); Medical care, outpatient care; Public health

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