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Proposal Budgeting Basics


If grant support has been already committed to your project through foundation funding, in-kind (non-monetary) gifts, government sources or individual contributions, you will need to provide this information in a support and revenue statement.

The total grant support already committed should then be deducted from the "Total Expenses" line on the budget to give you the "Balance Requested". Any earned income anticipated also should be estimated on the support and revenue statement. For instance, if you work for a local theater group and expect 50 people to attend a performance, charged at $10 per ticket, on each of the four nights, your line of income would show "Ticket Sales" at $2,000.

If you are submitting proposals to several different foundations, it is usually a good idea to indicate this in your proposal. For example, you might state, "In addition to your foundation, this proposal is being submitted to the ABC Foundation and the XYZ Foundation" or "We have already received a grant of $30,000 from the ABC Foundation, and are requesting $15,000 from your foundation, which is the balance required for the project."
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