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What Foundation Grants Support
What are foundations' preferred funding areas?
Is funding for operating support increasing?
How much funding targets children, people of color, women, and other groups?
Do foundations give outside of the United States?
What else do we know about where foundations give their support?
Is there information available on funding for special topics?
How can I get more information on giving trends?
Foundations Today Tutorial

How can I get more information on giving trends?

There are a number of places where you can gather additional information on giving trends:

Web Site Resources

Research Studies
A full list of reports published by the Foundation Center, including highlights, excerpts, and press releases

FC Stats
Free statistical tables on foundations and their giving based on both our comprehensive foundation data and grants sample information

Top Funders
Up-to-date lists of the largest private, corporate, and community foundations by total giving and assets

Catalog of Nonprofit Literature
The Center's online catalog of approximately 27,000 full bibliographic citations, including statistical reports on foundations and philanthropy

Other Resources
  • The Foundation Center publishes a series of Grant Guides each year that breaks down the Center's grants sample into 21 topic areas, such as the environment and medical care. The frontmatter for each of the Grant Guides includes statistical breakdowns of the grants in that area
  • Among non-Foundation Center resources, a few national organizations publish similar trends reports on various aspects of philanthropy, such as the Giving USA Foundation, whose Giving USA examines overall trends in private giving; the Conference Board, whose annual Corporate Contributions report provides information on corporate philanthropy; and the Council on Foundations
  • Other organizations providing useful statistical information include Independent Sector and the Urban Institute's Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy
  • Finally, the Foundation Center provides online assistance in finding information on foundations and philanthropy. To learn more about this service click here
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