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General Information
  Affiliation - Who Needs It?
  Why Many Grants Call for Institutional Affiliation
  The Affiliation Continuum
  Conclusion: Individualism and the Grantseeker
  No One Works Alone
Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship and Affiliation

General Information

"A sensible awareness of the rules of the game can be a condition of individualism, not merely a constraint upon it."
      —William H. Whyte, Jr., The Organization Man

Since most foundation funding is awarded to nonprofits rather than to individuals, affiliating yourself with an organization or obtaining a fiscal sponsor can increase your likelihood of receiving funding. Most such affiliations with fiscal sponsors are rather formal, based on a written contract that spells out who will do what, and some sponsors will extract a fee for this service. This guide is a detailed look at the affiliation possibilities for individual grantseekers.

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