Power Search Guided Tour

  1. Welcome to this guided tour of Foundation Directory Online Power Search, a feature exclusive to FDO Professional. Power Search is new way of searching to expand your results by finding matches for your search from anywhere within the Foundation Center's vast knowledge base on the field of philanthropy. Power Search allows you to search across nine databases: Grantmakers; Companies; Grants; 990s; plus News, jobs, and RFPs from Philanthropy News Digest; PubHub reports; and our unique catalog of nonprofit literature.
  2. Let's start by entering a search term, 'health care,' to see how Power Search works.
  3. FDO searches all nine databases for the search term. This search returned 259,778 results. The full list of results is displayed in the center of the screen, sorted by relevance. Our search keywords are listed on the left-hand guided search menu, and you can drill down into each database's results using the Narrow Your Results links.
  4. In parentheses next to each database name, you can see how many results there are for each individual database. For instance, for grantmakers there are 11,362 results. Let's view the grantmaker results.
  5. Note that as we click new search criteria, they're automatically added to the guided search menu. Let's re-sort our results by Total Giving by clicking that column header.
  6. To learn more about a particular grantmaker, click its name to open the grantmaker profile.
  7. Grantmaker profiles contain a wealth of information about the funder, including contact info, financial data, grant maps and charts, application information, and much more. To learn more about grantmaker profiles, please see the Search Grantmakers guided tour.
  8. One feature of guided search is that you can always remove search criteria to broaden your results. Let's remove the Database: Grantmakers search term to go back to our full list of Power Search results.
  9. Next, let's look at our Grant results.
  10. We'll re-sort our grant results by Year Authorized to see the newest grants first.
  11. Let's select the grant from the Gates Foundation to Partners in Health to view the grant record.
  12. The grant record contains information about the recipient, the grantmaker, and the grant itself, including a description and subject terms. Note also that our search term, "health care," is highlighted in red. To learn more about grant records, please take the Search Grants guided tour.
  13. Let's go back to our Power Search results and try a new search.
  14. From your Power Search results list, you can search within your results by entering additional keywords, or start a brand new search by choosing New Search from the drop-down menu. Let's conduct a new search.
  15. Let's search for climate change.
  16. Let's say we're interested in seeing what recent philanthropy news there is about climate change. We'll click News to see only the Philanthropy News Digest news results.
  17. We've narrowed our "climate change" results to the 145 news articles. Let's click a news article in our results list, which is sorted by date with recent results first.
  18. Clicking the article's title takes us outside FDO to Philanthropy News Digest, the Foundation Center's daily news service, where you can read the whole article.
  19. Thank you for taking this tour of Foundation Directory Online Power Search.