Search Grants Guided Tour

  1. After logging in to Foundation Directory Online, the Home Screen appears. Let's explore our search options. Click the Search Grants button.

  2. The Search Grants database in the Platinum and Professional versions of FDO contains information on over 1.3 million recently awarded grants. You can search the database by entering criteria in one or more of the fields on the search screen. Let's begin our search by identifying grants made to recipients that are located in the state of New York. Click the View Index link located beneath the State/Country search field title.

  3. Clicking the View Index link opens an index on the left side of the screen. Click New York. The index entry is automatically inserted into the State/Country search field.

  4. Now let's limit our search to grants made to recipients in New York involved with the environment or health. Click the View Index link located beneath the Recipient Type search field title.

  5. At the top of the index, letters of the alphabet provide access to their corresponding groups of entries. Click the E.

  6. Click Environment.

  7. Click the H.

  8. Click Health care.

  9. Notice that the Boolean operator or is automatically added to the search field between health care and environment. This enables you to retrieve grant records containing either term or both. Next, let's limit our search to grants made to recipients in New York involved with the environment or health for capital campaigns. Click the View Index link located beneath the Types of Support search field title.

  10. Click Capital campaigns.

  11. Finally, let's limit our search to grants of at least $10,000. Click the drop-down menu to see the choices.

  12. Click Grant Amount.

  13. Type 10,000 in the "From:" field and then click Search.

  14. Our results list includes multiple grant records, listed alphabetically by grantmaker name. At the top of the screen, you'll notice tools enabling you to print and save the records, print and save the list, export the list, and save your search. You can also modify your search. Let's save this search. Click Save Search.

  15. In the pop-up window, type Environment or Health and click Save Search.

  16. Now let's view a record. Click Central Park Conservancy, NY to open it.

  17. The content of a record varies based on the nature of the grant and the availability of information. Data elements that might be found include type of recipient, grant amount, year authorized, duration, description, type(s) of support, and subject(s). Note that search criteria are highlighted in red. On the right side of the screen, you'll see tools enabling you to e-mail the record, print and save the record, and tag the record. Let's tag this record. Tagging is a method by which records are categorized under any number of keywords or key phrases created by the user. Type Environment grants into the box under "Tag this record" and click Submit.

  18. For reference, the name of the new tag appears on the screen. To close this record and return to the search results screen, click Close Window.

  19. You can access and manage your tagged records and manage and load your saved searches from My FDO. Click My FDO at the top of the screen.

  20. Tags are categorized by record type and saved searches are categorized by database type. You'll notice the tag we just created under Grant Tags and the search we saved earlier under Grant Searches. Click Environment grants to access your tagged record.

  21. Click Central Park Conservancy, NY to view the record.

  22. In addition to the Grant Details tab, a grant record includes one additional tab providing access to additional information. Click the Grantmaker tab.

  23. The Grantmaker tab provides access to the record of the grantmaker making the grant. For more information on grantmaker records, please take our Search Grantmakers guided tour. Thank you for taking this tour of FDO's Search Grants database.