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Anatomy of Form 990-PF
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Anatomy of Form 990-PF

The Initial Page

Below is the top portion of the initial page of the 990-PF for the Chandhok Charitable Trust in Louisiana. We see that this is the return for the calendar year 2008. Calendar year means January 1 through December 31 of that year. If the tax preparer leaves "calendar year or tax year" blank on the form, you can assume the foundation works from a calendar year. If the foundation has a fiscal year other than the calendar year, the preparer will fill in the months that the tax year begins and ends.

The initial page of the 990-PF also includes the foundation's current name and address. Grantseekers sending out proposals should always check to see that they have the most current address. To the right of the name/address field is a box for the foundation's EIN (Employer Identification Number). This is a unique number assigned by the IRS to each foundation, much like a person's social security number. Even if the foundation's name changes, its EIN remains the same.

Just under the EIN box is a space for the foundation's telephone number. Many foundations do not list telephone numbers because they do not have staff members available to answer their telephone.

Tip: If the telephone number is not listed on page 1, it may be found on page 5, line 14.
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