Corporate Giving Online Guided Tours: Search Grantmakers

This tour will take you through a sample search using the Search Grantmakers search tool. For purposes of clarity, the search terms we refer to here will be set off in brackets. Brackets should not be used when searching Corporate Giving Online.

  1. Once you've signed up for Corporate Giving Online and logged on with your user name and password, you'll arrive at your personal search home screen. Here you have access to three separate search tools—Search Companies, Search Grantmakers, and Search Grants. This Guided Tour covers Search Grantmakers, so we'll select that search tool.

  2. You are now on the Search Grantmakers page. From this page you can search by entering criteria in any of the indexed search fields listed here, which are: Grantmaker Name; Grantmaker State; Grantmaker City; Fields of Interest; Types of Support; Geographic Focus; Trustees, Officers, and Donors; and Type of Grantmaker.

    This page also includes a select box that allows you to apply range searching using Total Sales and Establishment Year. Lastly, there is a Text Search field that allows you to free-text search across the entire file.

    Let's try a sample search where we try to identify grantmakers located in the state of New York with assets of $1 million or more that provide funding for economic development projects within New York.

  3. To do this we begin by navigating to the search field entitled Grantmaker State. Notice that clicking the heading Grantmaker State opens an index, which displays as a list of links on the same page you already have open. From that list, select [New York] and it will be automatically added to the Grantmaker State search field.

    Note: In addition to using the indexes by clicking on a search field name, you also have the option of typing directly into a search field. Once you have used Corporate Giving Online and have come to know the index terms, you may find this to be a more efficient way of searching for certain fields. For instance, instead of clicking on Grantmaker State/Country and navigating to [New York] and clicking on the term to add it to the search field, you may prefer just to type [New York] or [NY] into the search field. For the purposes of this Guided Tour, we'll use the indexes where they are available, since that is generally the most accurate way to search.

  4. Now let's limit our search to grantmakers that have economic development listed among their areas of interest.

    Click on the heading for the search field Fields of Interest. At the top of the index that displays as a list of links on the same page, select the letter E from the alphabet map. This will move you through the alphabet close to where you can select [Economic development.] Selecting the index term adds it to the Fields of Interest field.

  5. Let's refine our search results list further to include only those grantmakers that say they focus most of their giving in New York as well as those that fund nationally. (We have already selected grantmakers located in New York; this next step will allow us to concentrate on New York-based grantmakers that state they focus on grantmaking in New York or nationally.)

    Click on the heading for Geographic Focus to open that index. From the list, select both [New York] and [National.]

    Notice that when you select more than one term in a given search field, Corporate Giving Online assumes you are seeking information related to either term, so it automatically links your selected terms with the Boolean operator OR. If you wish to use another Boolean operator (such as AND, NOT, or NEAR), you would need to replace the OR. For more on Boolean operators and how to use them, consult the Help file.

  6. Now, select Total Assets from the select box menu and type $1,000,000 in the "From" box and leave the "To" box blank. (Leaving the "To" box blank signifies "to the uppermost value.")

  7. Click the Search button to generate a results list that meets the criteria we have specified: grantmakers located in New York that have a stated interest in funding economic development projects, that say they give in New York state and nationally, and that have total assets of $1 million or more.

  8. A new page is displayed, presenting our results list. Each grantmaker name in this list links to a profile of that grantmaker.

    The list default display is descending order by Total Giving. The results list displays the Grantmaker Name, City/State, and Total Giving. The results list can be re-sorted by clicking on any of these three column headings. Clicking the same heading a second time reverses the sort, say from ascending to descending order.

    Let's review a profile. Click on a grantmaker name in the results list; the grantmaker profile opens in a new window.

  9. The size and content of a grantmaker profile depends largely on the scope and nature of the funding programs and the availability of information on the grantmaker. Some profiles may include a purpose and activities statement, fields of interest, the geographic focus, and limitations of the funder. Additional information may include a description of the application procedure, financial data, and a list of recently awarded grants.

    When an individual record is displayed, and there is more than one record in your results list, you can use the Previous Record and Next Record links for easy navigation back and forth through the list.

  10. Click the navigational links at the top of your page to view additional information about the grantmaker. Depending on the information available on a given grantmaker, these links might include Grants, News/RFPs/Jobs, Publications, People, and 990s.

    Again, not all grantmakers will have links to all of these topics, but for the purposes of this Guided Tour, let's consider a grantmaker that has each of these and begin by clicking the Grants link.

  11. Clicking the Grants link brings you to a search page where you can search within the grants list of the grantmaker whose profile you are viewing.

    From this page you can search for grants by entering criteria in any of the search fields listed here, which are: Recipient Name, Recipient State/Country, Recipient City, Recipient Type, Subjects, and Types of Support.

    As with the other search pages in Corporate Giving Online, clicking on a heading for a search field opens an index, which displays as a list of links on the same page you already have open. Selecting a term from that list automatically fills the search field with the term. In the case of searching the grants of a given grantmaker, the indexes for the search fields are specific to the funder's giving history and include only terms associated with its grantmaking activities.

    In addition to the search fields named above, this search page includes a select box that allows you to limit your search by Year and by Grant Amount.

    You will notice the Grants link on this page can display "sub-links" for up to three ways you can access information on this grantmaker's grants. (If there is no detail on the individual grants made by a grantmaker, none of these three sub-links will appear.) The first, Search, is the default and is therefore the page that is first displayed. We've just reviewed how that option works.

    A second option is to access a straight list of grants made by this grantmaker by selecting the sub-link entitled List. Clicking List will bring up a list of recent grants. The list default display is alphabetical by Grantmaker Name. The results list displays the Grantmaker Name, Location, Year, and Grant Amount. The results list can be re-sorted by clicking on any of these four column headings. Clicking the same heading a second time reverses the sort, say from ascending to descending order.

    A third option is to access graphical representations of the grantmaker's giving history by selecting the Charts sub-link. This brings you to a page of full-color, printable charts illustrating the grantmaker's past giving by Subject, Recipient Type, Type of Support, Population Group, and Recipient Location, including U.S. vs. International, Geographic Focus by State, and Geographic Focus by Country. The charts option is available for larger grantmakers, nationally or within a given state.

  12. Now let's click the News/RFPs/Jobs link. This screen displays foundation-specific news stories, RFPs (requests for proposals), and job opportunities.

  13. Next, click the Publications link. The Publications page comprises a listing of foundation-sponsored reports as well as a link to all of the publications and periodicals in the Foundation Center's library collection that relate to the grantmaker whose profile you are viewing.

  14. Now click the People link. The People page provides names, titles, and affiliations for donors, officers, trustees, and key foundation staff.

  15. Now, click the 990s link. The 990s link displays a page with links to PDF files containing the most recent IRS filings of the foundation whose profile you are viewing as well as information about how to use these filings to supplement your funding research.

  16. Lastly, click the Company link, which opens the sponsoring company's profile.

To learn about the other two search tools in Corporate Giving Online, please proceed to the Guided Tour Welcome page and select either Search Companies or Search Grants.