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Training Scholarships

Scholarship Application Form

All fields are required. Please complete one application per request.

Scholarship Amounts

Scholarships are for $100, applicable to any full-day training program, as well as the Grantseeker Training Institute. Each nonprofit organization is eligible to receive up to two scholarships per calendar year; priority will be given to eligible organizations that have not previously received scholarship support. Scholarships cannot be combined with any special offers or discounts.

Choose your class: 

Please note: The price listed with each course is the registration fee before the scholarship.

Boston: Diversifying Your Funding Package ($495.00)
Securing Corporate Partnerships - Houston, TX 11/15/2012 ($195.00)
Securing Corporate Partnerships - Boston, MA 11/28/2012 ($195.00)
Foundation Fundraising - Fresno, CA 12/4/2012 ($125.00)
Securing Corporate Partnerships - Charlotte, NC - 12/7/2012 ($195.00)
Proposal Writers Boot Camp - Tampa, FL - 12/10-12/2012 ($495.00)
Cultivating Grantmaker Relationships - Dallas, TX - 12/11/2012 ($195.00)

Name and contact information


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Last Name


Your Title
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Please provide information on your organization's background, history and mission statement.

Approximately 500 characters:

Please describe the expected outcomes course attendance will have on the development work of the organization:

How many years of development/fundraising experience have you had?

What is the primary focus of your organization?

If "Other," please specify:

What is your organization's annual operating budget?

Communities primarily served (Check all that apply):

Are you representing a U.S. 501(c)(3) organization?

What is your organization's Employer Identification Number (EIN)?


I understand that the decision for awarding the requested scholarship will be based on the information I have provided. I further understand that all applications are subject to review of the accuracy of representations made in this application. I certify that the information provided on this application is accurate, and that I will provide documentation if requested.

I understand that the scholarship is $100 and, if awarded, I will be responsible for paying the balance of the course fee. I further understand that the scholarship is not transferable.

Do you agree with the terms of this application?
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