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Topical Resource Lists

Diversity in Philanthropy:
A Comprehensive Bibliography of Resources Related to Diversity Within the Philanthropic and Nonprofit Sectors

The issue of diversity in philanthropy has been of growing concern in recent years, garnering increasing attention from both inside and outside of the philanthropic sector. The phrase "diversity in philanthropy" suggests a host of meanings, and the Foundation Center's bibliography attempts to capture the range of the substantial literature on all areas within this topic. Entries cover the traditions of giving among different racial groups as well as the practices of foundations and nonprofits, theoretical issues and practical how-to guides.

While some of the literature focuses on the idea of diversity in general, the majority of the publications focus on one or more of the following: racial and ethnic minorities; women; the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community; people with disabilities; the economically disadvantaged; and rural communities. Since the concept of diversity originated in reference to racial and ethnic diversity, all four of America's major racial and ethnic groupsóAfrican Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americansóreceive significant attention.

Entries are grouped by subject and focus in order to draw attention to the various areas within the topic of "diversity in philanthropy" and the work that has been done in each of them. The bibliography includes citations from the Foundation Center's bibliographic database, the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature, as well as links to internet resources where available. Citations from the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature are indicated by call number, file number and/or subject/descriptor terms. The bibliography also includes information on organizations relevant to the issue of diversity in philanthropy and links to their websites.

We have attempted to be as comprehensive as possible with this bibliography, but, as with any large undertaking, there is the likelihood that we have missed relevant material. The finality of this bibliography is further challenged by the current degree of interest in the issue diversity in philanthropy, which almost guarantees that more literature will soon be published on this subject. This bibliography is, therefore, a work in progress, and we welcome suggestions for any additional publications that you think should be included. We do hope, however, that this compilation of resources will serve as a useful jumping off point for further exploration of this important issue.
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