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Welcome International Visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on grants to non-U.S. organizations?

Is there a Canadian organization similar to the Foundation Center?

Is there a European organization similar to the Foundation Center?

What funding resources are available for international students?

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International News from Philanthropy News Digest

Map of International Grants

An interactive map showing grants awarded to non-U.S. recipients. The map includes a sample of the grants awarded since 2003 by larger independent, corporate, or community foundations and grantmaking public charities.
View map of International Grants

Facts and Figures on International Funding

Charity and Philanthropy in Russia, China, India, and Brazil

Charity and Philanthropy in Russia, China, India, and Brazil Charity and Philanthropy in Russia, China, India, and Brazil, by Joan Spero and published in collaboration with WINGS, builds greater awareness and understanding of the diversity and challenges of civil society in the so-called BRIC countries. In the absence of comprehensive data on philanthropy in these emerging market economies, the report identifies the cultural, economic, social, and political forces shaping giving in the BRIC countries and describes the growth and nature of their philanthropic activities.

- Download the report

International Grantmaking Update: A Snapshot of U.S. Foundation Trends

International Grantmaking Update: A Snapshot of U.S. Foundation Trends Giving by U.S. foundations for international purposes declined in 2010. According to International Grantmaking Update: A Snapshot of U.S. Foundation Trends, a new report prepared by the Foundation Center, this decrease surpassed the decline in foundation giving overall. This latest update of the Foundation Center's benchmark series on international grantmaking examines trends in giving through 2010 based on actual grants awarded by over 1,000 of the largest U.S. foundations.

- Download the report

Foundation Stats

Statistical data on U.S. private and community foundations funding outside the U.S. (Downloadable tables in PDF)

Distribution of Foundation Grants by Subject Categories
Top 50 Foundations Awarding Grants for International Affairs
Top 50 Recipients of Foundation Grants for International Affairs
Summary of Domestic and International Grant Dollars

Topical Resource Lists

Strengthening Global Civil Society
This resource list explores the international third sector and provides insight into the transnational cooperation and global philanthropy that have contributed to the development of civil society around the world.

International Directories of Foundations
Listed here are international, regional, and country-specific directories, and information about their contents.

Tools and Resources

Grantseeking Basics Webinar

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  • Proposal Writing Short Course

  • English
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  • Proposal Budgeting Basics

  • English
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  • Funding Information Network locations

    Our satellite partners outside the U.S. offer a core set of the Foundation Center's resources.

    Catalog of Nonprofit Literature

    New Acquisitions
    Recent Foundation Center Library acquisitions about the philanthropic activities of, and in, countries outside the U.S.
    Requests for Proposals
    View requests for proposals for International Affairs/Development projects and organizations.

    From the Marketplace

    Recommended Publications for International Grantseekers
    The Foundation Center offers a collection of our publications especially designed to accommodate the needs of grantseekers outside of the U.S.
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