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Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs answer questions about the Foundation Center, funding research and resources for nonprofits and individuals, nonprofit management, and more. The most frequently asked questions are listed below and more specific questions are listed by topic in the menu to the right.

15 Most Frequently Asked Questions

A Navigation Guide to Using The Foundation Center's FAQs

With more than a hundred FAQs, it can be difficult to quickly find the information you are looking for. In order to make that task a little bit easier, these FAQs are organized in six main categories (The Foundation Center; Funding Resources; The Funding Research Process; Nonprofit Management; Resources for Individual Grantseekers; and Resources for Non-U.S. Grantseekers). And each of these six main categories contains more detailed sub-categories.

If you scroll through the full list of FAQs you will note that some will be found in more than one section. For instance, the FAQ "What is the difference between a company-sponsored foundation and a corporate giving program?" will be found in the main category "Funding Resources" under the sub-category "Corporations", as well as in the main category "The Funding Research Process" under the sub-category "Definitions".

You may want to begin with the 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions above, since these have been selected to respond to questions most visitors to our Web site seem to have. Or you can select a category from the Table of Contents to the right. You should be better able to find the information you are looking for in a quick and efficient manner. However, if after perusing the FAQs, you are still not finding what you are looking for, try submitting an e-mail question to our Online Librarian.

Full Listing of FAQs

About the Foundation Center

Funding Resources

- General
- Foundations
- Corporations
- Government Funders
- Individual Donors
- Online/Virtual Fundraising

The Funding Research Process

- Definitions and Clarification
- Fundraising Planning
- Proposal Writing
- Forms 990 and 990-PF
- Statistics
- Training

Nonprofit Management

- Establishing a Nonprofit Organization
- Nonprofit Employment/
- Nonprofit Boards
- Accountability
- Consultants
- Sustainability
- Researching Nonprofit Organizations
- Other Nonprofit Management Issues

Resources for Individual Grantseekers

- General
- Artists
- Students
- Fiscal Sponsorship
- For-Profit Enterprises
- Training

Resources for Non-U.S. Grantseekers

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