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User Comments

—All I can say is wow...More information than I was able to find out entirely on my own...I had even solicited the help of 2 other people who are involved in the grant business full time...and neither could offer any real help, except one did pass on this web site. That in fact has proven itself worth its weight in gold...and all I can say is wow...

—You are the GREATEST--better than the Yankees!!

—I can't thank you enough for both your prompt response and the wealth of resources that you provided to me. Frankly, you really went out of your way to be of assistance. If fact, it was above and beyond the call of duty. As we NAVY types used to say, "Thanks for a job well done."

—This is by far THE best service I have ever used for anything !!!!!

—Thank you very much for your timely, informative response. As I noted in the online survey, I was very impressed with your responsiveness, and have availed myself to the suggested resources to find what I need. You provide an excellent example of the high level of service not often seen in organizations today.

—Although I have been unable to visit all the resources given, I thank you soooooooooo much for the abundance of material. It was like a breath of fresh air.

—You are an excellent human being - um Web being - um ether intelligence. At any rate, I'm grateful for your assistance, of which I intend to take full advantage.

—I am impressed with the professional and timely manner correspondence was handled.

—As usual, you have been most helpful. This is a project alien to my usual field of endeavor..thus it is too early to predict outcomes.

—There was less than a 48-hour turnaround time and I will definitely utilize your on-line librarian service again.

—Thank you for responding to my question! You answered my question plus gave me more information than I ever expected to get. I have not gone through everything yet but you really made me smile today. Take care and thanks again for the information. P.S. I will pass your site to others to and I will definitely keep you on my favorite list.

—Thank you for your response to my query. The information was useful and rapidly relayed when I was on a deadline to produce a memo.

—I am most grateful for the information you sent to me. I can't believe how quick and thorough you are. Much quicker response than most of the government and legal services I have approached. Continue good fortune with your excellent service to those in need. Thank you.

—Extremely prompt reply to my request for information---same day! Online librarian provided extensive and diverse sources-including on line and print material.

—Fabulous. Quick response and to the point.

—FANTASTIC!!! Very thorough info was forwarded which would have quite frankly taken us ages to obtain. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for your time and help.

—Thank you for your complete and timely answer!

—Wow! I can't believe the volume of leads and suggestions you gave me. Thank you very much!!

—Outstanding! While your foundation in not an appropriate route for my business to follow, for grants, you provided me with several excellent sources! Thank you very much.

—I really liked the prompt response that I received from the Library. I forgot that I even asked a question (actually, never really expected a response). The information was EXTREMELY helpful. Thank you for your information. I will definitely refer to the Online Librarian and I will refer all my friends and Family to the website. Thanks again.

—Thank you for your speedy answer. Also for giving me the book's title and other options on where to search.

—I was pleasantly shocked by the speed of your response. It was very thorough and offered extra ideas in addition to grant information. It was thorough and efficient in every way. I was very impressed.

—Your response time was near to perfection.

—Thank you, thank you, thank you. Fast, accurate and exactly what I needed. I am fairly facile on the web, and spent days looking before asking y'all. You found it right away.

—Thank you for such detailed information, I think it will help me to find financial support for our patients. We are grateful.

—Thank you for your assistance. Your service directed me to a periodical article that I think will be right on point.

—Thanks for a timely and well researched answered! You actually made me feel as those one person in particular took the time to research and respond to my question-a rare feeling in the cyber world these days! Thanks!

—Thanks for your timely response. I felt like I was asing a silly question, but as a new researcher, I am overwhlemed by all the information and needed a quick answer to a simple question. I received that!

—This is great information. Thank you for giving me the tools I need to get started (and much more). Such a quick response, too!

—Your response to my question was quick. The answers you provided are very clear and percise information I need to make a report. Thank you.

—Your response was immediate and to the point! You deserve an A+! The information you provided was very helpful, showing me exactly where to go to get the information I needed. Thank you very much.

—Would like to use this space to extend congratulations for your rapid and comprehensive reply. This is the best service I've encountered on the internet re: turn around time and helpfulness. Many thanks.

—Thank you very much for your response. I can't tell you how helpful it is to get positive feedback when you don't know where to turn. It's all so overwhelming!

—Thank you, to all the librarians at the Foundation Center, you are the true philanthropist! The introduction to the SearchZone, has opened many avenues for so many deserving students to receive scholarships through distance learning.

—"YOU DONE GOOD!!". I'm sure your info will be very helpful and your response was much quicker than I had expected.

—First of all, I want to say thank you for your help. Secondly, I think it is incredible that you offer such a generous service. If only everyone would be so helpful!

—Thank you for your quick response. I'm very impressed. Will be in contact again.

—Thank you so much for the inforamtion. I just was lost and had no direction to go. Now, at least I have some places to look. I really appreciate your help.

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