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Practice Matters: The Improving Philanthropy Project

Feedback Form

We welcome your comments on the papers and discussion guides in the Practice Matters series. We are particularly interested to learn whether you have found the material useful, and how you might apply it.

Please complete this form to send us your feedback and questions. Take care to enter your e-mail address correctly. Your comments will go to Patricia Patrizi, Director, and Abby Spector, Project Manager, Practice Matters, Patrizi Associates, 12 Greenwood Place, Wyncote, PA 19095, tel: 215-572-1647.



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Please indicate the paper(s) on which you have comments (check all that apply):
Toward More Effective Use of Intermediaries
Acts of Commission: Lessons from an Informal Study
Toward Greater Effectiveness in Community Change:
      Challenges and Responses for Philanthropy

Foundation Strategies for Attracting and Managing Talent
Experienced Grantmakers at Work: When Creativity Comes Into Play
Ideas in Philanthropic Field Building: Where They Come from and How They Are Translated Into Actions
The Capacity Building Challenge
Communications for Social Good
Philanthropies Working Together: Myths and Realities

Please check this box if you would be interested in information about training events to be sponsored by Practice Matters: The Improving Philanthropy Project.

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