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Philanthropy In/Sight

What People are Saying About Philanthropy In/Sight

"Wow. The Foundation Center has just rolled out one of the coolest philanthropy products I've ever seen.

"There are a ton of ways that this can be used.

" excellent place for a donor to start thinking about what nonprofits to fund."

    —Sean Stannard-Stockton,
      Tactical Philanthropy

"With so many worthy causes and areas of need across the world, it can be difficult for grantmakers, philanthropists or policy researchers to make informed decisions about where to direct their money and efforts.

"With the recent unveiling of Philanthropy In/Sight...reaching those decisions just got much easier."

    The Daily Tell

"This is a great idea—it'll also highlight areas in which giving needs some, well, giving."

    —Leonard Jacobs, The Clyde Fitch Report

"Here's an impressive new tool for foundations (and philanthropists)..."

    — Peter Golio, LA Philanthropy Watch

"...anyone who's interested in philanthropy's impact should give [Philanthropy In/Sight] a look."

    —Katherine Gustafson, Tonic

"If you are looking for an easier way to find out the impact of donations globally, look no further than Philanthropy In/Sight."


"...pretty bomb new tool for aggregating visual data about grantmakers."

    —Nathaniel Whittemore, Social Entrepreneurship

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