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Catalog of Nonprofit Literature: Guided Tour

Title Searches

The title search field includes titles of books, periodical articles, and electronic materials. The Catalog of Nonprofit Literature title searches are performed on both the title and subtitle. A search for the title "national", for example, finds "National Directory of Grantmaking Public Charities," "American Philanthropy and the National Character," and "The Third Sector: Nonprofit Organizations in the National Economy."

Sample Search:
You want to know whether the Center has the book, Special Events: Planning for Success.

Search Strategy:
Type "special events planning for success" in the title search box (remember that punctuation is not necessary). Then click Submit Search.

Note: if you don't know the correct (or complete) title, you can supply keywords, and the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature will find all records containing them anywhere in the title or subtitle field.

Tip: in order to locate foreign-language items in the database, use the phrase "in Spanish", "in German", etc. in the Title search box.

Journal Title Searches
Use this field to limit search results to articles published in a specified journal. For example, if you would like to identify only those articles published in Fund Raising Management, select this term in the Journal title index, paste it on the search form, and click Submit Search.
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