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Author Searches

You can identify bibliographic records by the author's name (last name first) or corporate name.

Sample Search:
You would like to locate writings by author Kim Klein.

Search Strategy:
Click the Index button beside the author field on the search form. This will open a dialog box that allows you to view indexed information that you can search for.

Type "klein kim" in the Find search box. Note that LNPS is not case sensitive, and punctuation, such as a comma between the last and first name is not required.

Click Go to and you'll find author Kim Klein on the author index list. The number in the HITS column indicates the number of entries by this author in the database. With the author name highlighted, double click, or click the Paste button to paste it on the search form. Click Close to return to the search form.

The name "Klein Kim" will appear on the search form in the author field.

Note: terms that are pasted on the search form (from the index) are preceeded by the equal sign (=), and enclosed in quotations marks.

To view the citations based on this search criterion, click Submit Search.





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