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Catalog of Nonprofit Literature

How to Locate Sources Cited in Your Search Results

Using Resources in Center Libraries

Most of the books, pamphlets and articles, CD-ROMs, and audiovisual resources cited in the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature are available for reference at the Center's headquarters library in New York and at its national collection in Washington, D.C.; many are also available at our three field office libraries in Atlanta, Cleveland, and San Francisco. Center libraries are open free to the public, and we do not require an appointment. You may want to contact a Center library by phone in advance of a visit to ascertain that a particular resource you want to use is available in the collection. The actual contents of the books found in Center libraries is not available online, except for some few web-based publications.

Historical annual reports issued by private foundations prior to 2000 are now available at the Foundation Center Historical Foundation Collection in the Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives at IUPUI.

All the Center's more than 470 Funding Information Network members maintain core collections of Center publications, and most have related materials on philanthropy as well. These may be used free of charge during normal library hours, and again no appointment is necessary. Because acquisition policies vary, it is recommended that you call in advance to determine the availability of a particular non-Foundation Center resource before visiting a collection.

A substantial number of the citations contained in the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature are to articles from periodicals available in the collections of all five Center libraries. You can make one photocopy of an individual article for your own use at any Center library. Please be aware of copyright restrictions that prohibit redistribution of such materials. The Foundation Center does not provide a photocopy service by mail.

Ordering periodical articles and books
With the exception of its own publications, none of the books cited in the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature is available for sale from the Foundation Center. Click here to order a Foundation Center publication.

You will find addresses and phone numbers for most commercial publishers in Books in Print, available at most public libraries and book stores.

To order copies of articles or back issues of periodicals, you will need to contact the publisher directly. Click here for a list of periodicals, including address, phone number, and links to Web sites when available.


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