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Catalog of Nonprofit Literature

How to Search the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature 2.0

Table of Contents
1.  Basic Search
2.  Search Results
3.  Record View
4.  Advanced Search
5.  Other Tips

1. Basic Search
Use pull-down menu to left of text box to choose the type of search you want to start:

Keyword: Searches all fields of catalog record. Multiple keywords are automatically combined with AND. Truncation requires an asterisk (*). To search by phrase input this command: kw,phr=keyword+keyword. e.g. kw,phr=impact+investing. To use other Boolean operators (OR, NOT) see Advanced Search

Title: Searches title or portion of the title e.g., After the Grant, Guide to Proposal Writing

Author: Searches authors, editors, etc. Enter last name first e.g., Smith, John

Subject: Searches Foundation Center subject headings e.g., Proposal development, Corporate philanthropy

ISBN: Searches for standard book number e.g., 9781581159059 No dashes needed.

Series or Journal Title: Both options search for journal title e.g., NonProfit Times, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly

Call Number: searches by Foundation Center call number e.g., 770 GEE, 202 ROS . Our Classification Scheme outlines call number subject areas.


2. Search Results
After you do a search, you'll get a list of summarized catalog records that include the title, author, publisher, abstract, publication date, and availability of the item. You'll also get the following options on the page to help you refine, print, or save your search:

Sort Order: Your search results are automatically sorted by publication date, with the newest items first. Other useful sort options include relevance (which gives higher rankings to material with keywords occurring in the title or subject); author, call number, title, and acquisition date (when the title was entered into catalog).

Facets: A useful feature in the new catalog is the ability to browse by "facets." On the left hand side of search results you will find these four facets: Authors, Libraries, Series (this is used for Journal Title), and Subjects. Use the "show more" link to get the complete list of terms. Please note that clicking on any of these facets will only find items within your existing search results.

Cart: Search results can be added to the cart to download or print results. Check the boxes next to the items you want to add to cart, or use the "select all" to check them. Then click "Add to Cart." Once items are added to cart, click on the green Cart icon to print, download, or empty the cart.

Highlighting: Keywords searched for are automatically highlighted in results. You can turn this feature off by clicking "unhighlight" if it interferes with reading.

RSS: If you would like to add a search to your RSS reader, click on the orange RSS icon.


3. Record View
Click on the title of any item in the results list to view the complete record. In the body of the record you'll notice that authors, publishers, journal titles (series) and subject headings are all hyperlinked. Clicking on any of them will execute a new search for that term. Other useful features on this page include:

Google Preview: Links to the item in Available for some books only.

Holdings Tab: Includes information about the item type (article, book, etc.), location, collection, call number, status, and due date if it's a circulating item.

Abstract Tab: Shows the abstract of the item.

Browse Results: Located to the right of the record, click on it to expand and view your search results without returning to the previous page. Clicking on Previous or Next will go directly to results adjacent to the record you are viewing. Back to Results returns you to your search results. Print activates the print command in your browser. More Searches offers links to WorldCat (a union catalog of libraries around the world) and Google Scholar (a literature database).

ISBN Tab: Shows a brief, text-only description of the record.


4. Advanced Search
The "Advanced Search" option is always available under the basic search box. This search page allows you to combine multiple keywords, filter by dates, choose an item type, and add other limits.

Boolean operators: AND will look for both keywords in a record. OR will look for either keyword. NOT will exclude the keyword from your search.

Publication Date Range: Allows you to limit search results to a particular year or range of years, e.g., 2011, 2005-2007, 1999- (everything published after 1999), -1988 (everything published before 1988).

Item Type Limits: Includes 11 item types. The most used formats in the Catalog of Nonprofit Literature are book, article, pamphlet, and online information. Leaving them all unchecked will search for every item type.

Location and Availability: Allows you to limit your search to a particular library, or that library PLUS online information. You may also limit your search to circulating items or popular reference materials by checking the box labeled "Only items currently available for loan or reference."

Sort By: See Search Results instructions above.


5. Other Tips

Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser when using the catalog. You may download it here.


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