Strengthening the youth giving movement

Who is funding youth philanthropy programs and where do grants youth are making go?

This site paints a big picture of youth grantmaking around the world and includes data, resources, case studies, and news to foster connection, collaboration, and drive action within this movement.


About the Project

Youth giving is more than just a website; it’s a movement. Every year all over the world, youth invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in their communities. They are empowering themselves and finding support through youth grantmaking programs that strengthen their independence, leadership development, and decision-making power. This site paint a big picture of the youth giving movement and includes data, resources, case studies, and news for those who are (or who want to be) engaged in this movement!

What’s included? (It’s all free!)

  • An interactive mapping application that helps you understand the funding landscape, discover new connections, and uncover trends!
  • A program directory of youth grantmaking programs around the world.
  • Lessons from a largely untapped body of research, including full reports, case studies, blog posts, articles, and videos on topics such as how to create an effective next generation board and how to successfully involve youth in decision making.
  • Additional resources that include key statistics, news feeds, and links to related organizations.

Support for this project was provided by 

Andrus Family Fund     Conrad N. Hilton Foundation     Charles Stewart Mott Foundation     Tarsadia Foundation     Youth Philanthropy Connect     Leading to Change

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Explore who is funding what and where in youth philanthropy, investigate programs, and connect with your peers using the interactive map and program directory.

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Browse a special collection of reports, articles, case studies, multimedia, and other resources for adults and youth who are (or want to be) engaged in youth giving.

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Keep a pulse on the youth giving movement through a feed of social media, news, and events.

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