What is hGrant?

The hGrant format allows recently-published grants information to be pulled directly from funders' websites or feeds and made available to the general public through the grants listfunding map or API available on Glasspockets.org. Using the hGrant format allows funders to participate in the Reporting Commitment. In addition to the following required fields (Recipient Name, Recipient City, Recipient State/Province, Recipient Country (if not US), Amount, Currency (if not USD), Fiscal Year), participation in the Reporting Commitment requires the following fields: Grant Description, Grant Start Date, Grant End Date and Geographic Area Served.

hGrant was developed as part of the Grantsfire initiative and became a project of the Foundation Center in 2010.

How do I use hGrant?

All you have to do is publish your grants information on your website using the hGrant format, which is a variation of HTML. You retain full flexibility over the look and feel of your webpages, and you can use your traditional web publishing tools to generate content. You may also choose to publish content in a manner so it is not directly linked to the rest of your website and does not require formatting; we’ll simply gather new information from the page as it is posted.

The following software platforms currently have a built-in hGrant export function:

  • FoundationConnect
  • MicroEdge – GIFTS Online
  • SmartSimple
  • Good Done Great

For video instructions, click here.

You can also use the hGrant for WordPress plugin to facilitate this process. This tool, which was made possible by the Walter and Elise Haas Fund with technical support from Mission Minded, is designed to help foundations of all sizes share their grants data. To learn more about installing the plugin, visit the WordPress site or download our quick reference guide. If you are interested in using the hGrant plugin and don’t have a website, Foundation Center can help with our hGrant-ready Foundation Web Builder service.

Questions? Please e-mail us for more details.

How do I get started?

If you are already publishing grants information on the web, you can use hGrant by making very minor changes to the HTML on your grants page.

To get started:

  1. Read the specification (PDF) and review the tutorial and examples to get a better sense of how hGrant works.
  2. Apply what you've learned to the HTML of your own web site or RSS feed.