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2012 update: Hurricane Isaac made landfall in the Gulf Coast region exactly seven years after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans. We will post news about philanthropic relief and recovery efforts as it becomes available. Visit the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to discover philanthropic opportunities.

Among the 26 named storms tracked in 2005, two hurricanes—Katrina and Rita—will be remembered for the unprecedented devastation they inflicted on the Gulf Coast region. Through the destruction and flooding left in their wake, these storms caused damage that will take many years to repair.

We bring you fast facts, visual snapshots, and news and research related to relief efforts. Using our interactive maps and charts, you can explore more than 4,400 of the grants awarded, totaling over $890 million. These tools illustrate the geographic areas and types of services and organizations that have received support.

Here you'll also find links to relevant news items from our Philanthropy News Digest as well as foundation-sponsored reports on hurricane relief.

Hurricane Relief News from Philanthropy News Digest

    Giving in the Aftermath of the 2005 Gulf Coast Hurricanes

    August 2009
    Private and community foundations awarded an additional $125 million in grant support for recovery and rebuilding efforts from January 2007 to mid-2009, according to Giving in the Aftermath of the 2005 Gulf Coast Hurricanes: Profile of the Ongoing Foundation and Corporate Response (2007-2009). Economic and community development captured the largest dollar share, a shift from giving for human services in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

    Additional Resources on
    Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief

    We have gathered links to information and resources offered by various organizations involved in Gulf Coast recovery.

    Hurricane Katrina: AmeriCares Disaster Response and Recovery Efforts

    Brookings Institution
    New Orleans Index Anniversary Edition: Four Years after Katrina

    2009 Louisiana Katrina/Rita Recovery
    Hurricane Katrina-Louisiana

    Greater New Orleans Data Center
    10-Minute Video Briefing on
    New Orleans Recovery

    Institute for Southern Studies
    Facing South, Gulf Coast

    Mercatus Center at George Mason University
    Gulf Coast Recovery Project

    National Trust for Historic Preservation
    Gulf Coast Recovery

    Oxfam America
    US Gulf Coast Recovery

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
    RWJF Responds to the 2005 Gulf States Disasters

    Sierra Club
    New Orleans Green Building Assessment

    Gulf Coast Hurricane Giving

    Newsmakers Interview

    August 26, 2009
    Philanthropy News Digest spoke with Albert Ruesga, President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, about the post-Katrina recovery effort in his adopted city, the role of foundations in that recovery, social justice philanthropy in an imperfect America, and his hopes for the "Venice of the Gulf Coast"....

    Commentary from PhilanTopic

    New Orleans: Moving from
    Muddle to Model

    August 27, 2009

    Katrina: A Forgotten Crisis?
    August 26, 2009

    PubHub Reports

    Philanthropic Grantmaking for Disasters
    Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

    November 2011

    The New Orleans Index at Six: Measuring Greater New Orleans' Progress Toward Prosperity
    Greater New Orleans Community Data Center

    August 2011

    Stepping Up
    Foundation for the Mid South

    September 2010

    Power Amidst Renewal: Foundation Support for Sustaining Advocacy After Disasters
    Alliance for Justice

    Usdin, Linda
    September 2010


    Philanthropy Chat: Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation Four Years After Katrina

    August 17, 2009

    Flozell Daniels Jr. and Ashley K. Shelton of the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation discuss the work of the foundation aimed at recovery, response, and community development in Louisiana on the fourth anniversary of Katrina.


    (26 min., 7 sec.; 11MB)

    Philanthropy Chat: Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation's Work in Post-Katrina Mississippi

    August 24, 2009
    Dr. Ted Alexander of the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation discusses the foundation's response to Hurricane Katrina in the days immediately following the storm and its work that continues today, exploring ongoing recovery and reconstruction activities that are rebuilding families and Mississippi communities affected by the disaster.

    (17 min., 44 sec.; 7MB)
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