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Post-Conflict Countries - Rebuilding the Education System in Liberia

Rebuilding the Education System in Liberia


“Most schools throughout Liberia were destroyed during the conflicts.... Less than half of school-age children are in school, and most teachers are working as volunteers.”
— Liberian Education Trust

“All the children I meet — when I ask what they want most — they say,
‘I want to learn.’
‘I want to go to school.’
‘I want an education.’”

— Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia

Case Study

OSI/Soros Foundations Network
  • Gave $1 million to the Liberian Education Trust (LET) in 2006 to build schools, develop educational programs for women and girls, and set up LET in Liberia
  • Committed $5 million in 2007 to the government’s Primary Education Recovery Program
  • Supports the Ministry of Education with technical assistance and professional development for teachers


  • 18 schools constructed or rehabilitated in 2007, with support from the Liberian Education Trust
  • 80 teachers trained in Monrovia in 2007 using the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking program
  • Teachers who have completed training have established a national association to promote the program across Liberia

Research Sources

Liberian Education Trust

OSI/Soros Foundations Network

Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking
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