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Climate Change - Reducing Energy Waste

Reducing Energy Waste


“The largest, fastest, cheapest way to abate climate change is to reduce energy waste.”
— “Taking Action on Climate Change,” The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


Nearly half of grant dollars for U.S.-focused climate change programs in 2007 targeted energy projects


How can we create a more sustainable urban environment and decrease energy consumption and waste?


“Think globally, green locally.”
Invest in community-based projects that boost the local economy and reduce carbon emissions
— Cleveland Carbon Fund

Case Study

Cleveland Carbon Fund
  • The first community-based carbon reduction fund, launched in 2009 by a public/private partnership
  • Clevelanders can offset their carbon footprint through tax-deductible gifts for local projects like
    - tree planting
    - home weatherization
    - showerhead and compact fluorescent light bulb replacement
  • The Cleveland and George Gund Foundations together committed $30,000 to create the Fund’s web site


  • Carbon reduction will save residents money in the long term
  • Emissions will be reduced by an estimated 500+ tons each year
  • Local projects will improve Cleveland’s environmental health, stimulate the economy, and create jobs

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