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2007 Foundation Giving by Country of Benefit

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OECD Environment Funding in Developing Countries

Climate Change: Preserving Our World

“Climate change is intensifying disasters, including extreme weather events, storm surges, floods and area can escape the adverse impact of climate change....”

— “End Poverty 2015: Millennium Development Goals Fact Sheet,” United Nations

“Never before have [we] confronted such a complex, far-reaching crisis.... Global, collective action is paramount. The stakes — and hurdles — could not be higher.”

— “Design to Win: Philanthropy’s Role in the Fight Against Global Warming,” California Environmental Associates

How are we addressing these challenges?

  • Large U.S. foundations invested $436 million to address climate change in 2007
  • Of the $436 million, 41% was spent internationally, mostly in developing countries
  • Foundation giving for climate change has increased nearly 5-fold domestically since 1997 and nearly 8-fold internationally

Which leads us to ask...

  • How is the funding being spent?
  • What innovative programs and initiatives are being funded?
  • What impact is it having?

We examined these issues...

Select an issue area to discover what we found.

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