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Funders Speak is a podcast series about Ohio's philanthropic response to the economic crisis. The series is a collaboration between the Foundation Center-Cleveland and the Ohio Grantmakers Forum.

Denise Zeman, Saint Luke's Foundation of Cleveland, Ohio

February 19, 2010
Denise Zeman Denise Zeman, President and CEO of the Saint Luke's Foundation discusses the economic recovery, grantmaking, and the nonprofit landscape.

(16 min., 12 sec.; 11.1 MB)

The Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland

March 20, 2009
Susanna Krey Foundation president Susanna H. Krey discusses how the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland is responding to the economic downturn.

(6 min., 38 sec.; 3MB)

The Impact of the Economy on KeyBank Foundation's Giving

March 16, 2009
Valerie Raines This edition of Funders Speak features Valerie Raines, vice president for corporate philanthropy and senior program officer at KeyBank Foundation, sharing information about the impact of the economy on KeyBank's giving.

(6 min., 15 sec.; 3MB)

The Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland's Response to the Economic Crisis

March 11, 2009
Hedy Milgrom This edition of Funders Speak features Hedy Milgrom, assistant vice president and director of endowments & foundations, Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland, who provides an introduction to the Federation's grantmaking program while discussing how the foundations are reacting to the economy.

(12 min., 16 sec.; 5MB)

Philanthropy Chat

Philanthropy Chat Philanthropy Chat is a series of coversations with grantmakers and other experts on a wide range of topics. We've collected here the Philanthropy Chat episodes on the economic crisis.

Listen to podcasts»

The Dayton Foundation's Response to the Economic Crisis

February 26, 2009
Michael Parks, president of the Dayton Foundation, and Barbra Stonerock (pictured), the foundation's director of community relations, discuss how they are responding to the economic crisis.

(5 min., 58 sec.; 3MB)

How Ohio Foundations are Responding to the Economic Downturn

February 20, 2009
Cristin Slesh, president of Foundation Management Services, a consulting firm that provides program support to seven Ohio private foundations, discusses how her foundation clients are responding to the economic downturn.

(5 min., 21 sec.; 5MB)

The Strategies of the Raymond John Wean Foundation in Today's Uncertain Economy

February 13, 2009
Joel Ratner This edition of Funders Speak features Joel Ratner, president of the Raymond John Wean Foundation, who discusses how the foundation is trying to do things as much the same as possible while continuing to invest in a process of community change in Ohio's Mahoning Valley.

(4 min., 4 sec.; 2MB)
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